Recomendation Systems

Comparing various algorithms for recommendation systems and applying them to create a beer recommender.


Building a recommendation website that picks songs toplay based on your listen preference and skill level.

Recommending Music with Apache Spark

Using resilient distributed datasets and Apache Sparks machine learning library to generate song recommendations using an alternating least squares model.

Predicting the Year of Song Release with Apache Spark

Using Apache Sparks machine learning library to predict the year of song release using a linear regression model.

The two types of music-streamers

Analyzing music listening profiles from music-streaming services and finding 2 different kinds of listeners.

In Search of the Ultimate Spotify Playlist Title

Perfoming text analytics and regression on playlist titles to see what makes a good playlist title.

Deep Learning Metallica Guitar Tabs

Generating playable guitar music with feeding recurrent neural networks Metallica tabs scraped from

Country Lyrics Created with Recurrent Neural Networks

Using recurrent neural networks to auto-generate country music songs by training on lyrics scraped from

Data Incubator Project Proposal

Project proposal to predict the number of traffic injuries at a given intersection of NYC and use the results to suggest the most cost-effective improvements to reduce injuries, while maintaining efficient traffic flow.

Trends in NYC Lead Complaints

Do the number of complaints due to lead in the NYC 311 complaints correlate to the concentration of lead in the NYC air?

Mapping Wikipedia with Python and SQL

Looking to see whether links between the categories of the webpages in wikipedia will show the connections between various categories that reveal origins of fields that may be unintuitive.